Mandy Moore in United Nations Foundation (

28 Apr

On monday Mandy Moore was at the United Nations Fundation celebrating World Malaria Day.Mandy Moore is an ambassador for PSI, a global health organization whose program targets malaria and other health problem. The foundation’s campaign is to raise funds for awareness of insecticide treated nets that prevent malaria carrying mosquitoes from biting at night.

She was asked how she got involved with this foundation for malaria. She went to  Southern Sudan about two years ago. It was an educational trip to learn about different child survival programs that are implemented, and malaria was the biggest issue that she took away from that trip. When you think of the statistics that every 45 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria and it’s entirely preventable.

This is a greatarticle that demonstrates how many of us dont even know about these things that are affecting other around the world. When you hear or read about these thing you then feel like maybe we should get involved. By having famous people show us and tell us how we can support causes like this it makes me want to learn more about it and get involved.


The Day the Movies Died

28 Apr

Mark Harris makes a strong point with this article. It was a great way how he pointed out how the studios were also taking a big hit. It makes sense that the writers are keeping things on the safe side by making remakes of movies that had good success. But is this the best way to go? How long will people keep going to theaters to watch remakes of movies again and again.

         At least we got the movie Inception was the one to log eleven consecutive weeks in the top ten.This was an exceptional movie this year. Its true that the focus is on the idea of brand so that is why we have the movies from pirate of th carribean and harry potter and many more. thats probably why he is describing why the movies died and I agree there is nothing in the theater that I want t go see.


7 Mar

Questiones that I asked were ” Do you like sports?” and that question took us no where. A question that was a good start was “what are your career plans?” That lead to several diffrent questiones and many other questions. I thought this was a good project to get to learn our classmates more. If I had a second chance to redo the interview maybe i would ask a few more questiones about her hobby but thats all.

So I interviewed Pua Lor she is one of 9 siblings her being on of the middle childs. which we both agreed its not easy being a middle child. She would not like to have a big family when she decides to have children. Also is not sure what she wants to do as a career. her hobbies are to draw and then sew her own clothes. The best quote I got from her was when I asked why she liked to sew and she said ” because I can.”

Have you ever wondered what would I like to major in? How about if your not sure and the answer is right in front of you. Maybe all youre thinking is that you want to be financially stable and enjoy what you do.

Well this is Pua situation she has no idea what career path she wants to take . In her fee time she draws clothes and from those sketches she sews her clothes. So why not do that as a career and do something you love and enjoy. obviossley this comes naturally to Pua she has never taken any clases and just does it as a hobby.


28 Feb

Friends is a show I have been watching since it started. Its a little too traditional and happy ending kind of show, but i still enjoy it. The main story that this show is telling is that all problems eventually get resolved. How we can just be at a coffee shop all day hanging out with frinds and not worry about anything else. When in reality life is not that simple and our problems do not get resolved that easily or that quickly. Maybe one of the reasons I watch the show is to step out of reality and imagine that this life thats on television would be possible. Which I know that it is not that simple, but hey its nice to step out of reality some times.

The show of “Friends” mainly takes place in a coffee shop. A coffee shop named Central Perk where they just drink coffee and socialize basically most of the show. This is just promoting coffee shops and how good it is to consume it. All their problems in the show always end up being resolved in this coffee shop with all their friends there. When in reality most people never even have the time to sit in a coffee shop for more than maybe 15 minutes if that. Some how in the show they spend most of their day at this place, hardly ever go to work and they live in Manhatten.

In this particular episode its all based around a game of throwing and catching a ball. The charecters move from one room to another all the mean while throwing this little ball back and forth. It starts with just two of the main charecters talking to each other about problems they have. Then other charecters start coming into the scenes just telling them about their own problems and eventually start joining in on throwing this ball. This is just a way that the author wanted to focus on how they need each other to resolve their problems. It also points out all the charecters good and bad habits like for example that one of tm is very controlling. This is why they all even each other out in the run of the series.

Charachters in this show are in their late twenties and are all single and struggling to get somewhere in life. This is probably more apealing to that age group in general. Monica is a controlling super clean freak that wants everything and everyone to do as told. Chandler is that sarchastic friend that we probably all know, that everything is a joke to him no matter how serious the others try to be. Ross is the one that is a kissup to his parents and always corrects everyone, so they act or speak correctly. Rachel would be the one that comes from a rich family and was handed everything to in life. She is the one that is having the hardest time trying to be someone in life. Phoebe, well she is just the hippie weird chic in the show. The one that nobody undestands why she is the way she is. Joey is the last main character and he is the want to be actor that depends on his looks to get a job ad is not very smart and a very bad actor.

Friends is a very common show very trditional sitcom. Where everyone starts out with some kind of problem and by the end of the show they get it resolved. There is never a episode that they dont get the problem resolved and end up happily in the coffee shop, like if life was is that simple.

The show I dont like to watch is Family Guy maybe because I have only seen parts of the show. I first watched in one day at night that I was looking for something for my five year old daghter to watch. I came across the show thinking it would be cartoons for her to watch and disliked it. I didnt think it was funny at all it seemed as though it was perverted in a way. hopefully nobody gets mad for my comment on it.

Matador Records

14 Feb

Matador Records started in 1989 with co-owner Chris Lombardi taking the Austrian duo H.P Zinker into Fun Studio to record. The label was being run out of Chris Lombardis small New York apartment at the start. Adding artist like Dust Devils, Rail Road Jerks and Super Chunk to the initial Roster. In the 1990 he would be joined by long time Homestead Records manager Gerard Cosloy. Matador Records specialize in Indie rock, but over the years their musical direction has grown. Hip-hop, electronic and experimental acts play a role in the labels sound and future as singer, song writers and several rock bands as well. Matador Record continue to do their own independant art production and direct store distributions. The label is run by Chris Lombardi, Gerard Cosloy and Patrick Amory. The label reflects the tastes of music of co-owners Lombardi and Cosloy, and their commitment of sharing the music they love. Matador Records decribes its self as an artistic freedom, diversity and innovation. They are not looking for any specific thing in music, except truth, beauty, solace etc. They sign anyone who has good music and as long as they truly like their music. The label only distributes the records to stores and offers a list of stores that have their records for the consumers. Their website offers a detailed schedule of their artists upcoming events and albums. Many new projects that are coming are also featured with debute albums for new artists as well.

Their fan target is anybody who loves music and enjoys great music with artistic freedom and diversity. Matador Records promotes their artists by having their rosters available online for all the fans. They also have street teams, which are people working in the streets promoting their new artists they have signed. Street teams promote the artist by putting up posters also getting the albums in the stores and having the music heard. Many times Matador Records will also have large events that have more than one of their current artists performing together. This is one of the best ways also to have many of their artists promoted all at the same time. The label began partnership with Atlantic Record and lasted with them only a couple of years. Then in 1996 Capitol Records purchased a 49 percent stake in Matador Records. In 1999 co-owners Chris Lombardi and Gerard Cosloy bought Matador Records back. Since 2002 Matador Records has been co-owned by Beggers Group and now operates in both New York and London. Over the years staff has grown from just two to twenty four employees. Rosters of artists have also grown tremendously over the years. The label started by working from Chris Lombardis apartment, to a shoe box size office, to a larger office building complex. Matadors experienced its first crazed media attention and big sales with the North American release of Teenage Fanclubs debute long-player ” A Catholic Education”. Since 1996 Matador Records has maintained separate offices and staff in London, meanwhile supervising the promotion, sales and marketings in North America.

The independant labels usually give their releases to small but devoted public, not wanting alot of success. Unfortunatlly for independant labels the major record companies have more artists that are their for the fame and money only and not for the love of music. Unlike independant labels artists who are with them for the love of music and enjoying what they do for a living and not wanting all that fame. This makes it more difficult for independant labels to promote their artist, as for major recording companies who have bigger financial measures to do so. If independant labels keep trying as hard as they are, they will eventually overcome this problem. Fans devoted to their artist will keep supporting them and will get the music out their so others will also hear them. Even with the major recording companies having such big stars that are only their for the money and fame, not for the love of music.

The value for the independant labels in the recording industries is for all the inspiring artist out there that love music and lyrics that come from the heart and soul. If independant labels did not exist many great musicians out there would not get a chance to show the world what they can do. Many artist that are signed to the major recording companies can not sing and have their voices altered. Because they are promoted so much maybe just for their looks they get famous. As for the artist signed with independant labels they might have small resources to get their music out their, but they might be really good and just enjoy doing what they do. Many big artist have made their own independant labels also to get these artist that are hidden to the public.

About Me

27 Jan

Last, First Name: Meza, Daisy

What name do you prefer to be called in class? Daisy

Major: Year in school: Paralegal 3rd semester

Why are you taking this course? What drew you to a journalism class? required and looked intresting.

What career plans are you considering? Get my Associates at CCD for Paralegal, then transfer to UCD for my Bachelors in Political Science

What do you like to do when you aren’t in class or studying? Watch soccer games and stay home to relax.

Tell me something about yourself to help me remember you: I love mexican soccer and I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan.

Tell me what mass media you enjoy, in this order:


Music: Any Spansh music

Radio stations: 96.5 and 92.1

TV shows (network and cable): Law and Order SVU and Futbol Picante

Movies:Drama or Comedy movies

Newspapers:Denver Post

Magazines: Futbol and Latina

Books:nonfiction and biography books especially books about the holocaust